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A Shovel-Ready Certified Site, Southeast Industrial Park allows for superior flexibility on size and structure, with up to 18.5 acres available for sale, lease, BTS for lease or BTS for sale for manufacturing, warehouse/distribution and/or outdoor storage. See the concept plans below for construction options, which can be tailored to meet each individual user's specifications. Additionally, a Comcast plant located at 95th Street and Hadley Avenue can provide up to 250MB connectivity over coax cable and 1G or higher over fiber. Once plans are finalized with the city, Opus is prepared to build and deliver a customized new building to meet your requirements within a year of approval.

As an example, the first phase of Southeast Industrial Park’s development, North Star Sheets, was designed and approved by the city in less than 60 days.

Shovel Ready Image.jpg
Southeast Industrial Park - Cottage Grove, MN
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